Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I've been such a slacker

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I'm a slacker. Actually, I'm not a slacker, I happen to have been working crazy stupid hours and travelling back and forth across the country for work purposes.

Now, I love to travel. I especially enjoy it when it's for pleasure. But business travel? Business travel sucks. We're not going anywhere far enough to warrant getting into business class or even first class, so we're stuck in coach. This has been my schedule the past 2 weeks...

Saturday April 5th - worked from home for 9 hours
Sunday April 6th - worked from home for 5 hours
Monday April 7th - travel day - 5 hours on the plane, and then a 3 hour meeting when we landed
Tuesday April 8th - training day - working from 7am until 7pm, then on a plane for 1.5 hours, then working at the hotel until 12:30
Wednesday April 9th - worked at the hotel all day
Thursday April 10th - training day - working from 8am until 5pm, then a 6 hour flight home
Friday April 11th - worked from home for 5 hours
Saturday April 12th - relaxed with M
Sunday April 13th - worked from home for 4 hours
Monday April 14th - worked at the office - 8am to 6pm
Tuesday April 15th - training day in Vancouver 6:30am to 4pm, then catch a midnight flight back to Toronto - we land at 6am on Wednesday
Wednesday April 16th - training day in Toronto. 7am to 5pm

Then I am on holiday for 4 days (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday). I am flying back to Vancouver on Sunday, and we have another training session on Monday in Vancouver.

Whew. I am tired just typing it out. More later