Friday, November 21, 2008

Holy Crap

So I'm not dead. Nor have I suffered from a terrible accident that kept me from posting since, well, AUGUST. I'm just lazy. So lazy.

What's new with me you ask? A bunch of fun things... Let's list them shall we???

1. I am still not working - am now off on leave until after the baby is born due to some pregnancy related health issues. Nothing to be concerned about, the baby is fine, I am okay, but the doctors won't let me have any additional stress.

2. I know what the sex of the baby is! It's a GIRL, and her name is Madilyn. I am now 6 and a half months pregnant, with about 3 months to go. (Thank god.)

3. I haven't slept through the night in the past 6 months. I am always up at least once.

4. My mother-in-law had her tracheotomy redone in September, resulting in her now having a permanent trach tube to go along with the terminal cancer. She is now in what we call here in Canada "Palliatative Care" which basically means that she's at home with us and we manage her pain through medications. Once those stop working, she will most likely go into the hospital and not come home.

5. As a result of #4 above, hubby is not working - he is at home taking care of his mom.

6. As a result of both hubby and I not working, things are quite shitty financially for us right now, but hopefully we can make it through this challenge as well.

Hmmm. That seems to be about my excitement. I am ready to not be pregnant, but I really can't complain, as this has been fairly easy so far. I am just not used to having to slow down because the baby sucks all of my energy.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, I wish I had a good reason for not posting, but the truth of it is that I don't. I am lazy, I forget, or I have nothing to say. But I do keep up with my reading of everyone else's blogs, so hopefully when I leave a comment people know that I am still alive.


Monday, August 11, 2008

Where have I been?

Not really that far actually, but I have had a lot of shit on my plate, and I have finally cracked under the pressure.

Baby things are good. Am now 11 weeks along and things are going well. We had our first ultrasound at 7 weeks for dating purposes and actually got to see our little blob. And hear the heartbeat, which was actually pretty cool.

That's about the only good news I have. Went and saw the doctor today and he has put me on medical leave for 6 weeks so that I can get some of my shit resolved without having to worry about work. The nice thing? Maybe now I will have more time to blog....

I would like to share it all with you, but right now, I am not sure if I am ready to reveal all of that personal stuff just yet....

So I will leave it with this... I am okay, and I have a good foundation of people who love me. I just need some time to figure it all out.


Friday, June 27, 2008


So I've decided to give up a few things.....

-no more drinking

-no more smoking (not that I was really smoking before)

And I need to start doing new things....

-taking my vitamins

-eating better

-exercising more

And all of this is because............

Well, if you check the picture, I'm pretty sure you can figure it out.

Yep. Looks like M and I are expecting a baby. Holy CRAP. But yay for me! But Holy Crap. I am a mixture of emotions right now, some good, some anxious, some bad, but it's going to be an adventure, and we're embarking on it.

Wish us luck!!!!


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

R.I.P. Gramma

There is much to be said, but I am having a hard time getting the words out. The past week has not been a fun one, rather, it has been a coming together of family, and trying to hold each other up while one of our own slowly sinks down.

As you can tell from the title, we've had a death in the family. M's Gramma passed on Friday, and while she lived a long, full life, it is still hard to let go of one of the nicest women I got the pleasure of meeting.

Here's the past week for me:

Monday June 2:
Worked. Was driving home from work when M called to let me know that Gramma was going downhill, and that we would be going over to the care home as soon as I got home. Finally made it home (doesn't it always seem like it takes FOREVER when you have something important to get too?), M and I quickly changed from work clothes and headed over to the care home. Gramma had been put on oxygen, but Lynne (my MIL) and her brother had already made the decision that we were not taking Grams to the hospital. (She has alzheimers - so they make decisions for her)

Tuesday June 3:
Stayed home from work because I didn't get home from the care home until almost 2am. Had to pick up my sister in law Jamie from the airport, as she flew in to be able to say her goodbyes. Went to the care home to check on both Grams and Lynne, who was now basically living at Gram's side. In and out of the care home all day and well into the evening.

Wednesday June 4:
Managed to make arrangements to work from home. Ugg. Brain fried, but needed to give Lynne a chance to get some rest, so stayed at the care home all night. Haven't stayed up for more than 24 hours in many years, remembering why.

Thursday June 5:
Finally make it home from the care home when Jamie comes in to relieve me. It's now 11am, and I have been up since 730am on Wednesday. Do some work, make arrangements for a conference call and fall into bed. Wake up at 2pm, do conference call, and again, fall back into bed. Get up at 6pm, shower, and head back over to see how Grams is doing. Not well.

Friday June 6:
Get woken up to banging on the bedroom door. It's Jamie, and Lynne has called to say that Grams is rapidly going downhill. We need to get over there. Fly outta bed, get dressed, call Kristina, (my other sister in law), tell her that I will be by to get her in 5 minutes, we all rush out the door. Pick up Kristina, rush to care home. We didn't make it in time.

By the time we got to the care home, Grams is gone. Lynne is understandably upset, as are the rest of us. Spend some time saying goodbye to Grams, and head back home.

Saturday June 7:
Have to go back to the care home and pack up all of Gram's things. Don't want Lynne to have to do it by herself, so we all go.

M, Jamie and I decide that we need to get out for a bit, so we head over to the Casino to play some 3 card poker. We're all down, but we manage to have fun.

Sunday June 8:
Time to go to the funeral home and finish off the arrangements. As Jamie is otherwise occupied, it's up to me and M to take Lynne over. Finalize plans.

Monday June 9:
Work from home again, so that I can take Jamie to the airport. We're all overtired and it's starting to show when M gets a bit perturbed at the TV for no apparent reason.

And finally, we're at today. I'm back in the office, wishing that I were at home, sleeping. But there is a lot to do, so at least I'm keeping busy.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another day in the jungle

So it's a new day. And I have to say, it's not been that horrible of a week thus far.

I had Monday off work so that I could go and see the fertility people. Not much that they told me that I didn't already know. But, it's good to know that I am on the right track with my thinking, and that there is still a chance that I might get pregnant without having to undergo treatments.

Worked yesterday, although it didn't really feel like it. I kinda felt like I was in a daze for most of the day. Exchanged naughty text messages with M, only to get home and find that it was a million degrees in the house and way too hot for any kind of loving to happen. Boo for me. I guess we'll just try again tonight!

Managed to get my butt outta bed on time this morning and into work before 9am, so that is a huge plus on the tickboard for me! M has an interview today (oh please let it go well....pretty pretty please) so hopefully he will be back at work soon.

I think that's it for now. I have more to say, I just need to figure out how to get it out of my head and onto the blog.


Friday, May 23, 2008


Yay it's FRIDAY!!!

And already it's been a crap day.

Got up late this morning cause M turned off my alarm on me. I got up to go to the bathroom, and not realizing what time it was I finished up, and went back to bed. Turns out that my alarm went off while I was in the bathroom and M figured I was up already. Ya, he was dead to the world asleep when I crawled back into bed. Bolted straight up at 8:15 and then flew around the house trying to get my shit together to go to work.

Was driving to the office, realizing that I'm still half asleep and thought.... I'll stop and treat myself to a coffee this morning. So I pulled into Starbucks, placed my order and swiped my debit card. "REQUEST DENIED" is what the card reader said. WTF? I know I have money in my account. So I try it again. "REQUEST DENIED". Damn it. I just want coffee. So I step outside to call my bank. Apparently my card has been compromised and they put a hold on my card. Ya, they weren't going to tell me. FUN. I finally convinced the guy to at least let me get my coffee. By now, I'm running really late for work, the baristas have had to make my coffee again, and I just want to go home and crawl back into bed.

We'll see how the rest of the day goes.

Took Jubbie to aquafit last night. It was fun, but I feel bad that she had a roving leg/foot cramp thing. Hopefully she'll be able to come with me again.

Must send positive vibes her way... her hubbie Sal was laid off earlier this week, and they could use the good thoughts and positive vibes. Hopefully he finds something fantastic soon.

Okay, must get back to work and get shit done. I don't want to be here all night.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

In Real Life...

In real life (not blog land) I haven't told anyone other than M about my blog. But I was mentioning it to Jubbie yesterday and she totally wants to read it.

So today, I sent her the link. (Everybody wave to Jubbie - Hi!)

I am a bit nervous that someone from "In Real Life" that I know, and spend time with, is going to read this. But hey, if thousands of online readers (ya right... like maybe 2) are reading I shouldn't be that freaked out by my bestest friend reading it. Nothing said here is anything that I either haven't already bitched to her about or told her.

So welcome Jubbie. I hope you enjoy yourself.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The one where I completely lose my shit....OR, Everyone is an asshole

Sorry, but I need to rant. I need to vent. And I don't really have an outlet for it elsewhere, so here it goes.

#1. My husband's asshole friends.

You guys are all assholes. M is a great guy who goes out of his way to make sure that you all feel like you're important to him, and on his day, the only day that is his (his birthday) you assholes all forgot. And I don't mean like, you didn't call till late in the day, I mean I had to call all of you assholes and remind you at midnight that you had forgotten M's birthday. It's not like it's that hard to remember. It's a couple of weeks after Fez's birthday. And holy shit you guys make a huge deal about that one. We take time out of our busy lives to ensure that we come to your events, spend money that we don't have so that we can say that we were able to help you celebrate your day. And then all you fuckers forget his birthday? You're all assholes.

#2. My sister-in-law Jamie
I can almost understand M's friends forgetting his birthday. Almost. But you? You're his freaking sister for fucks sake and you forgot. How do you think that makes him feel? He already feels like he's the only one in this stupid fucked up family that gives a damn about anyone else and then you go and forget his birthday? Jesus, he's only been your brother for 28 years. You'd think that by now you could have at least wrtitten it on the calendar. You're a fuckwit, and you need to stop your pity party now. You made the choice to move to the middle of freaking nowhere, Saskatchewan to try and save a marriage that you fully admit is over. Your husband has told you flat out that he no longer loves you and doesn't want to be with you, and yet, you still are trying. And making the rest of us feel like shit for telling you not to move, not to give up your life, and your kids, to try to save something that is beyond saving. If you wanna keep banging your head against the wall with this one, that's fine, but enough with the pity party already. You're an asshole.

#3. My sister-in-law Brandy
You are young and dumb. At 23 you should know that unprotected sex leads to pregnancy. Holy shit, you already have 1 kid that you don't look after, and now you're having another one. I sincerely hope that you smarten up and start to raise your kids... cause leaving it for your parents (my in-laws) to do sucks and makes me think less of you. You're an asshole.

#4. My sister-in-law Kristina
You take the fucking cake. You have the classic middle child syndrome of "Poor me, no one loves me" and you need to get down off your high horse and dump the attitude. The fact that you used to be a good mother to your 5 year old son isn't impressing me anymore. You suck as a mother. You have no patience for your son, and all you do is yell at him. Is it any wonder that he is sucky when he sees you? Between dropping him at our house for days on end or sending him to his fathers parents house for days on end he never sees you. And holy shit, what kind of mother decides that she needs to stay with the father who beats her and is showing signs of beating her kids and then claim that "it's for the kid... I want him to have both parents around". Are you really that stupid? I can not believe that you and your stupid boyfriend/father of your child/whatever you're calling him these days decided that it would be a good idea to leave your son with us, and then take off for 3 days and drive to fucking Montana. Not to be a doom sayer, but holy shit, your mother has cancer. What if something happened to her? Or, worse, what if something happened to your son? You didn't leave us with any of his stuff - like his birth certificate, or his medical insurance card. If we had to take him to the hospital, they would have taken him into custody until you came back cause we would have had no way to prove who he was and who we were in relation to him. You stupid bitch. Stop thinking with your vagina and start acting like a grown up. You are a first class asshole and you don't deserve the little boy who calls you mom. That kid is awesome, and all you do is throw his love away.

Deep breathe. I think that I am done venting. Sorry about that. Regular programming should resume shortly.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008


A new day, a new post. Sorry I missed posting yesterday, I was going to try to post every day this week, but to be honest, yesterday was an absolute crap day for me and I spent the day at home in bed.

I wish I could tell you that I was sick, but I wasn't. I just didn't feel like getting out of bed. I was sad. Not 100% sure why I was sad, it could be a combination of a bunch of things, but sad I was. M tried all day and most of last night to figure out why, but I couldn't tell him. I did tell him right before I went back to bed for the night last night though.

But really, how do you explain to your husband that you are sad? And how do you explain why? Let's start out with some very basic facts.

M and I are trying to get pregnant. It's lots of fun trying (*snicker*), but as of yet, we have had no luck. We've been trying for about a year now.

Finally, we went to the doctors. Turns out, I need fertility drugs. Okay then. So I start taking the drugs. They make me feel like ass, and it sorta makes me feel like less of a woman, cause hey! I'm supposed to be able to do this, it's like part of the genetic make up of women, but whatever.

Been taking the drugs since January. Still no baby.

I know that I mentioned that his sister is pregnant again, right? Well she didn't want the kid in the first place, but for whatever reason is having it. And she has said right out that this baby (just like her first) is the result of a one night stand. Fuck me, that's depressing.

Okay, those are the basic facts. Over the weekend, M and I talked and decided that since money is a bit tight, and we are still trying to get all of our things here from Ontario, that we aren't going to do a vacation this year. So we decided that it would be more fun to get a group together and go camping. We've booked for the first weekend in August, which is right around our anniversary, so it should be lots of fun!!!!

M says to me on Monday night "What if you're pregnant? - Ya know, when we go camping?" and the first thing that popped into my head was "that would suck. I won't be able to drink with everyone"

This led to my depression yesterday. What kind of person who is actively trying to have a baby, and wants this more than life itself thinks like that???

Holy crap I am horrible.

But I did tell M all about this last night, and he told me I was being silly. Even if I did think that at first, the second thought through my head was "it would be SO great to have that story to tell the baby - of how mommy went camping when she was pregnant"

I know this is a bit of a downer post, but I am feeling like I suck today. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Oh Wow, it has been a while

Apparently, according to some people (SMASH) I don't update often enough. Looking at when I last posted, I would tend to agree.

But there really hasn't been anything blog worthy of late in my life.... Oh crap, yes there has been:

We (as in hubby and I) found out that his little sister is pregnant again. She's 23, and this will be her second child. 2 different dads for both her kids and she's not with either or them. After spending some time with over at hubby's dad's place (little sister still lives at home and expects her parents to raise her kids) we also found out that she has a very high risk pregnancy. So think good thoughts for her and the babe, okay?

My mummy was in the hospital last week having her gall bladder removed. It was not something we expected, and I was a bit freaked out when my step dad called to let me know that she was in the hospital. Apparently she thought she had the flu, but a few hours later they were rushing her to the hospital and having them yank out her gall bladder. Thankfully, she is okay now and well on her way to a full recovery.

I did the travelling roadshow for work in April, (I think I may have already blogged about that) and got to spend some time with both my mummy and my dad, so I don't feel like such a crap child for moving away again.

Hubby and I bought a brand new king size mattress. It is FABULOUS. It also means that we are fairly broke until next time I get paid, but a good night's sleep is SO worth it. Did I mention that we were sleeping on a 20 year old double before? No? I didn't? Huh, I thought I would have bitched about that for sure.

Ummm. I think that's all for now. I will try to update on a more regular basis, pinky swear.

I blatenly stole this name survey thingy from Stephie (). Feel free to palm it off as your own if you haven’t done it already.
1. YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (first three letter of real name plus izzie): Kriizzle (Wow, that's horrid, I should have used my middle name)
2. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color and favorite animal): Red Jaguar. Hmmm. That one sounds more kinky than detective-y.
3. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: (middle name and current street): This one is really going to suck, as I live on a numbered street... so it would be Deborah 137. Not very Soap Opera like.
4. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (the first three letters of your last name, first two letters of your first name, first three letters of mom's maiden name): BilKrCob (I guess it could be worse)
5. YOUR SUPERHERO'S NAME: (2nd favorite color, favorite drink): Black Crown Royal. Now this one is good. I can just see myself in a black catsuit, wearing a crown, saving the day!
6. YOUR WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (Men: father's middle name and mother's middle name; Women: mother's middle name and father's middle name): Leigh-Ann Michael
7. YOUR GOTH NAME: (Black, and the name of one of your pets): Black Texas. (Yes, I have a cat named Texas)
8. YOUR PORN STAR NAME: (the name of your childhood pet and the street you grew up on): Bandit Yonge. How classy does that sound?

I'll try for more later.....

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I've been such a slacker

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I'm a slacker. Actually, I'm not a slacker, I happen to have been working crazy stupid hours and travelling back and forth across the country for work purposes.

Now, I love to travel. I especially enjoy it when it's for pleasure. But business travel? Business travel sucks. We're not going anywhere far enough to warrant getting into business class or even first class, so we're stuck in coach. This has been my schedule the past 2 weeks...

Saturday April 5th - worked from home for 9 hours
Sunday April 6th - worked from home for 5 hours
Monday April 7th - travel day - 5 hours on the plane, and then a 3 hour meeting when we landed
Tuesday April 8th - training day - working from 7am until 7pm, then on a plane for 1.5 hours, then working at the hotel until 12:30
Wednesday April 9th - worked at the hotel all day
Thursday April 10th - training day - working from 8am until 5pm, then a 6 hour flight home
Friday April 11th - worked from home for 5 hours
Saturday April 12th - relaxed with M
Sunday April 13th - worked from home for 4 hours
Monday April 14th - worked at the office - 8am to 6pm
Tuesday April 15th - training day in Vancouver 6:30am to 4pm, then catch a midnight flight back to Toronto - we land at 6am on Wednesday
Wednesday April 16th - training day in Toronto. 7am to 5pm

Then I am on holiday for 4 days (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday). I am flying back to Vancouver on Sunday, and we have another training session on Monday in Vancouver.

Whew. I am tired just typing it out. More later


Friday, March 28, 2008

I know it's been a while...

I know it's been a while since I last posted. But in all honesty, I have had NOTHING going on worth writing about.

I could tell you all about how crazy busy I am at work, launching a new software program and gearing up for the rollout to the field reps and users of said software program, but it's really boring to type, so it has to be boring to read.

I could tell you about the custody battle that my sister in law is undergoing right now, but really, there is no news. The next court date has been set for April 15th, and hopefully at that time a judge will put a formal custody arrangement in order.

I could tell you how tired I am, but that's just whining, and nobody likes a whiner.

So, you see, there really is nothing note worthy going on. I'm off to do the travelling roadshow with work in a week and a bit, hopefully exciting things will happen while I am away and can provide you with a much more interesting post. It should be good as I am going to see my parents, who are always good for generating posts, as well as our good for nothing renters. BTW - still no rent money. How thrilled am I???

Okay, back to the grind. More of a real update soon, I promise!


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Reveal

Okay, so it's been a while since I got my tattoo, and even though I actually got it finished over the weekend, I don't have a photo of it complete. But I do have a photo of it from a couple of weeks ago when it was not complete.

So without further ado.... may I present....

My Evil Daisies!!!!

How great is that???

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Happy Birthday!

To Me!

As I stretched and yawned and hauled my ass outta bed this morning, I realized that turning 30 is just like all of my other birthdays... just another day. But, hubby did get up and wish me a happy birthday (which was really nice, cause I was up SUPER early for work), and even Lynne, mom mom-in-law was up and puttering around when I left, so she too wished me a happy birthday.

While it sucks that I am stuck here at work, it is really nice that I get to go home soon, and have someone else make dinner. I think that hubby and I are going to try to do my birthday dinner tomorrow night (with just the two of us), cause Lynne was saying this morning that the whole family is coming by tonight for dinner to help me celebrate... How cool is that? All these people that I love dearly, getting together to help celebrate me. That's so great.

I was talking to my sister in law yesterday, and she was asking me if I felt like there was anything in my life that I thought I would have done by the time I turned 30. I thought about it alot last night, and I have come to the conclusion, that nope, there really isn't anything that I "wished" I could have done before now. I'm happily married, and I have pretty well everything I want. A family who loves me, friends who are always there when I need them, a great job that keeps me fulfilled. I had thought at one point in time that I might have kids before now, but I can honestly say that I am glad that I don't have any yet. Not that I don't want them, I just am enjoying life too much to want to devote all of my time to a wee person who needs me. I hope that doesn't sound too selfish. I just kinda feel like when the timing is right, we will have kids, but right now, I am happy to be able to kick back, relax, have hubby bring me a nice glass of wine and curl up with a good book.

Hope you all have a great day, and look out, cause I'm in my thirties now!!!

love ya!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Tomorrow is my Birthday!

Monday, March 3, 2008

The Aftermath...

Please be patient with me. . I am extremely tired, and I am going to try to share some of the photo's from my birthday party with you.

But first, I need some coffee. Wait, I hate coffee. I need some tea. Ya, tea.

Okay, I'm back. The party was a HUGE success. Everyone had a very good time, most of us had a few too many drinks, but we are all safe and accounted for. We played a couple of drinking games, which is NEVER a good idea, but much fun was had, and lots of laughter was heard through out the night. I retired to bed at 3:30am, and was up by 8:30am Sunday. After determining, that
A) I didn't feel so badly;
B) I was still drunk; and;
C) I am really hot
I promptly went back to sleep. We finally got up around 10:30, and one of our friends made us breakfast. Then we took a short drive to the Good Old US of A and I did some shoe shopping. We didn't get home until almost 9, and then I had a hard time sleeping. I was up until about midnight, and was up again this moring at 6:30. So my brain is a bit foggy, and I am really, really, really very tired.

As promised, here are some pictures from the party. I will attempt to describe what is happening in the picture as best I can.

Here we have a lovely shot of the birthday girl, drunk, and smiling. At least I am a happy drunk.

Here we have me, drunk, thinking that I can arm wrestle. I can't. And now I have a bruise on my elbow. Dammit!

This is my husband's cousin. We are playing a wicked drinking game.

during that same drinking game, rules were made. One of the rules that was set (by me) was the husband had to drink his beer out of a wee cat dish. (Yes, we cleaned it out first!)

Okay, that's it for now. I will get around to posting some more pictures soon.

I need a nap.

Friday, February 29, 2008

So excited I could wet myself...

I can't believe it. It's almost here!

No, I'm not talking about world peace, I wish I was.

I'm talking about my birthday party!!!! :)

Just about everything is done. I am going to mix up a nice Spinach & Artichoke dip tonight and let it set overnight before putting it into the bread bowl tomorrow. SIL Jamie (who's house we're using) is getting some cups, ice, pop, propane for the BBQ and a veggie tray. (ha ha, I totally typed P-O-T before I corrected it to P-O-P, I'm such a goober!)

Jubbie is going to make her world famous caesar salad, and everyone else is bringing something for the BBQ and their own drinks.

I haven't been this excited about a party (or a birthday) in years! I feel like a little kid! It's awesome.

Hope you all have a SPECTACULAR weekend, and I will hopefully update (with pictures!) on Monday.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's just one of those days...

It's been one of those days. You know the ones where you want to rip out your own arms and beat yourself to death with them? Ya, that's the kind of day I am having. But in order to properly fill you in on why I am feeling this way, I need to give you the whole boring backstory. So here goes . . .

In March of 2006 M and I sold our condo. We made a nice profit from it and purchased a townhome. We used our profits to lay new carpeting, buy new appliances, things of those nature, when we moved into our townhome in May 2006. In June of 2006, I was offered a promotion. It was a dream come true for me - with one horrible downside. New job was located in Toronto, Ontario. M and I lived in Vancouver, British Columbia. So we hemmed and hawed and finally decided, that yes, this was a huge opportunity for me, and yes, we would take it. So we sold our lovely townhome (making absolutely NO money as we had only owned it for 6 months) and packed all of our stuff, and moved 3000 km's (roughly 1500 miles) to Toronto. We didn't know anyone other than my mum and dad, and while that's all well and good, a newly married couple does NOT want to live with her mum. So we bought a townhome in Toronto. Nice place and didn't need a lot of work. This was a plus. Then M and I started having some "marital" problems. Basically, my mum is a spiteful cow, and while I love her dearly, she hate's M with a passion that I wish she would put to better use. She actually told me on my wedding day that I was making a huge mistake. Mostly cause she liked my ex-boyfriend better, but that is a whole other rant for a different day. (Mum and I talk all the time, just not about my marriage, or my husband.) During this time of woe for me, my mother in law phoned us from Vancouver and delivered the news that we all suspected, but feared. She had been diagnosed with throat and tongue cancer (50 years of drinking and smoking will do that to ya!) and was having to undergo some surgery. So we put our differences aside and flew home in June of 2007. (Home is Vancouver. Always.) It was during this trip that M and I found our way back to each other, and while it wasn't under the best of times, it did help us both to realize what's important to each of us. As Lynne (my Mother in Law) was recovering from surgery, M and I talked about the future. After a few weeks of of being at home, M realized that he wanted to spend as much time as he had left helping his mom. And I agreed with him. So, in August of 2007, M left Ontario and moved back to Vancouver. A long 3 months later, in late October 2007, I too left Ontario and moved back to Vancouver. We rented out our townhouse and thought, this is great, we have a nice couple living in and taking care of our townhouse until we decide what to do with it.

(That long diatribe is the backstory)

Back to the future!

So, here I sit, looking at my bank account, and wondering why, oh why, did I end up with the WORST renters ever?

Since November 2007, when they moved in, they have yet to pay their rent on time, or in full. I am still $480 short for February, and it's almost the end of the month. Our bank account can't afford to float our mortgage in Ontario, plus our rent in BC. Now, smart people will say, then just sell the property. The thing is, we are so broke that we can't. In order for us to cover off the realtor fees, the lawyer fees and the fees for breaking the mortgage early, we would need to sell for a certain amount, and the Ontario housing market does not currently believe that my townhouse is worth that certain amount. So we're stuck with it, and with them.

And now that I have finished ranting, and having my wee pity party, I feel better.


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Two Weeks & Counting

So two weeks today, (March 6th), at some ridiculous early hour of the moring I will "officially" be 30. I'm not really sure how I feel about turning 30, but I'm hoping that it passes like so many of my other birthdays have, with me glancing at the calendar half way through the day and thinking to myself "holy fuck, it's my birthday. I wonder if M remembers, and what he got me?" I hope that I don't completely embarass myself by getting all mopey and worried. Age is just a number. In my head, I am still 21.

I am having a birthday party. First time in 5 years that I am actually planning on doing something other than sitting on the couch watching a movie for my birthday. On March 1st I will be hosting my 30th Birthday Party. We're having it at my sister-in-laws place (cause her house is way nicer than the hovel that we live in, and bigger too!) and we will be BBQ'ing, Drinking and Playing Games. I am just enough of a "white trash" girl to make it a "Bring Your Own Booze, & Bring Your Own Meat (for the BBQ)" Party. That's right. I am asking people to bring their own meat. But, once the drinking commences (I think noon should be a good start time), we are going to have a rocking good house party, with loud music and lots of laughter.

Have you ever played drunken pictionary? Cause I have, and it is WAY too much fun. Also, drunken balderdash. The shit people will make up when they have been drinking is too comical for words.

I'm sure that I will update again before then, but I will definetely update again after. And include pictures. I have already asked Jubbie to bring the camera.


Monday, February 18, 2008

I got my Christmas Present!!!

Okay, so YES, I do know that it is mid-February. However, over this past weekend, I got my christmas present from my wonderful, fabulous, love him to pieces husband. Wanna know what it is? I bet you do. But I need to fill you in on the backstory first.

I am a Contracts Administrator at work. I have to wear business suits, and heels, and generally look very professional. And, if you are reading this blog, you have seen the picture that I have from my wedding - I am normal looking, not covered in tattoos, etc. (Not that there is anything wrong with that, I'm just saying, ya know?)

I have 4 tattoos. (Or I did, until this past weekend). They are all special to me.

The first one I got when I was 19. It was a gift from a friend, who was sharing a really cool tradition from her home town in China with me - and that was to get ink of your sign, or related to your sign. I am a Pisces. So she paid for me to get a simple fish on my back. It's very plain, just black, and sits a couple of inches above my ass on my lower back.

The second, I got about a year later. It's just above my right ankle and is an angel fish. A really good friend of mine had just passed, and she was also a pisces. I thought it appropriate to honour her with another fish, and she was kinda like a guardian angel while she was here with me. Always looking out for me, very selfless, you get the idea. So, angel fish it was.

The third is on my left shoulder blade. It's a very colourful cartoon bat. If you've seen the movie "Fern Gully" then you can picture my bat. The bat in that movie "Batty" looks a lot like the one I have on my back. If you've not seen it, it's a cartoon bat with it's wings spread - like he's in flight. My tattoo artist custom drew him for me, and he kinda represents my flight from my old life (filled with cheating boyfriends, drugs and a lot of booze), into my new one. I got the bat shortly after I met and started dating my husband. While he didn't exactly "save me" from that lifestyle (I had already left it), he is a huge influence for my not going back to it when times get tough. Don't get me wrong, I still like to have a drink or seven, but now it's once a year instead of once a day. Everything in moderation. But I digress.

The fourth one is a vine that starts on my left foot. It wraps up and around my left ankle (on the outside of my leg, not around my leg) and then opens into an orchid that sits just above the outside of my left ankle. I drew the vine freehand on my leg, and my artist just embellished on it from there. It was the beginning of something, but I didn't know what.

So you have the background. Oops. Almost all of the background. Daisies are my absolute favourtie flowers. I carried a bouquet of them at my wedding, and I knew that I wanted to get a daisy tattoo. However, daisies are quite girly, and I'm not exactly a girly girl. So I was stuck.

Here's where it starts to get good.... For christmas, hubby bought me a gift certificate for a new tattoo. He worked with our tattoo artist (we go to the same guy, and he's AWESOME!) to create a tattoo for me. It's evil daisies. Or rather, it's three daisies that look like they are in the middle of a bar fight. Petals ripped and torn off, angry faces, everything. I had no input on the design, hubby worked with our artist and then they just sprang the custom work on me when I showed up on Saturday. I thought I was going in for a consult to have Josh (our artist) create something. Nope, I was shown the custom piece he had designed for me and fell in love with it. Into the chair I went, and now, I am about an hour away from having my 5th (and by far the largest) tattoo finished.

Now you may be wondering why it's not done. Well, because it's on my calf. It takes up the whole back of my left calf, and if you've never had work done on your calf, let me tell you... it hurts like a bitch. Your muscles jump and quiver and you just want to be done. 4 hours in I quit. (Yes, I am a big whiney baby, but the pain was too much!) So I will go back in a month when this first bit is done healing and have him finish it up.

So there you go. Now you know what I got for christmas. As soon as I can get access to a digital camera I will take a few pics and attempt to post them up. I am so happy with it, I am still grinning.

Just in case you didn't already know.... I have the best husband in the entire world. And I am the luckiest lady ever to have such a great guy.

Hope everyone else is well out there.....

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Before I was married

Some things that I wish that I had learned before I got married

It is possible to love your spouse and hate them at the same time. Infact, there will be times that you will actually consider committing homicide just so that you can get away from them for a while.

Unless you are prepared to hate your life, don’t live with your in-laws. No matter how much you love them now, once you have lived with them, the happy feelings that you have towards them will change.

It is not normal to spend all of your free time together. I don’t know what the definition of normal should be in this case, but trust me, sooner or later you are going to want to go out with your friends, without your spouse, so that you can complain about them.

You never get any privacy once you are married. Maybe this one just applies to me, but I actually don’t get to be alone in my own house anymore. If I am in the shower, my husband has no problem walking in and using the toilet. (Or, just randomly poking his head into the shower to scare me.) If I am using the toilet, he will come in to chat. I have tried locking the door, but then he just stands at the door asking me if I’m done yet to annoy me. Now, don’t get me wrong, this totally works both ways. We lived together for 3 years before we tied the knot. I got all sorts of privacy in the bathroom. Is there a magic spell that is broken the day you get married that makes it okay to invade each other’s privacy in the bathroom? I’m just saying that I wish I knew about this phenomenon before I got married.

You need to make sure that you tell you’re spouse everything. I tried not telling mine everything, but it’s just too hard to figure out what I have and haven’t told him. Also, this way there are NO surprises waiting for either of us.

Sex is messy. Now I was not a virgin when I got married. I had had sex before. Even with my then boyfriend, now husband. But we always used a condom. Now that we are married, and throwing caution to the wind, and doing without the condoms, it is MESSY. And holy god, nobody told me that it would smell 2 days later.

Don’t get me wrong. I love being married. I love being married to my husband. But these are just a few things that I wish that someone, anyone had told me before we got hitched.

Have a great day all!


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thoughts on the upcoming V-Day

As some of my closest friends know, I don't celebrate Valentines day. I don't begrudge those who do, but the day really holds some bad memories for me and I would prefer not to get involved with the enitre fiasco that is Valentine's Day. Oh sure, I could spout off about how it's a total Hallmark holiday, created by industries in order to drive up sales of flowers, cards and chocolate. And I could spout off about how flowers eventually die, cards get thrown away and chocolates make you fat. But none of those are the reasons why I don't celebrate Valentines Day. When I first started dating M, I made it clear that I was NOT expecting flowers, or chocolates, or a card on Valentines day. If he loves me, he should show it year round, not just on one day, right? But this still is not the reason. I mean, yes, you should show the ones you love (or love to shag) your feelings for them all the time, and you should celebrate Valentines Day if that's what you both agree to do. Don't celebrate it because it's expected though, cause that's just being a sheep. Following the crowd if you will. Surprise your loved one on the day after Valentines day with a sappy card. Just to show that you care.

I'll tell you why I don't celebrate. But you have to do the time warp with me.... (cue wavy lines and the music....)

Okay, so it's 1980. My parents are fighting all the time. We're talking vicious, object throwing, beating the crap outta each other fighting. (Don't worry - they are both happily remarried to other people with whom they have never thrown objects at, or beat up.) Your resident superwoman (me) is 2. And locked in her room during most of these fights. (Okay, I wasn't locked in, I was sleeping!) But one night a bang wakes me up and I wander in my oh-so-cute red pajama's (with the feet attached!) into the living room where my parents, are screaming insults at each other. My mom has thrown a crystal vase against the wall near my dad's head (there is broken glass everywhere) and my dad has managed to hit my mom with a boot. (To say that they were ill suited is down playing it a bit). I spent about 45 minutes or so crying, walking between the two of them. Even at such a young age, I realized that they were both hurting, and wanted to comfort both of them at the same time. After a while my parents realize that I am awake, in the room, and could get caught in the cross fire. Back to bed I go, complete with all of the screaming and kicking that a 2 year old (who is WAY over tired) can muster.

2 days later my mom packed me, all my toys and anything of hers that she could into her car and we left my dad. I didn't see him again for 3 years. The date that we left - you betcha, it was Valentines Day. So my dad, thinking he is doing something special for his wife, picks up flowers and dinner on his way home from work. Arrives home to his apartment to find a note from his wife telling him goodbye. And, as an added bonus, she took his kid with her.

Now, you might ask yourself, "Why would this affect you? You were 2!!!" And here's where it gets fun. Once I started seeing my dad again (after he got sober) he would call me every year on Valentines day. (I lived with my mom full time, but saw my dad every other weekend) And every year after telling me that he was wishing me a happy valentines day, and that he loved me, he would remind me that this was the day that my mother walked out on him. He still, to this very day does this. Never mind that he is remarried to a wonderful woman. Nevermind that I am almost 30 years old. Nope.

Every. Single. Year.

So, because I look forward to that phone call about as much as I look forward to someone smashing my face in, I don't celebrate Valentines Day.

It just sucks for me, but M (my wonderful, loving husband) understands this, and usually tries to take me out for dinner (nothing fancy - just to the pub) sometime in the month before or the month after Valentines day. And he always makes sure to tell me that he loves me. But he tells me that a thousand times a day every day (cause we're mushy like that).

Oh. And, usually when he does this special night just for me, I return the favour and give him a great blow job as thanks! Sometimes, I will even go all the way! Ha ha ha. like I can say no to sex. Why would I even try?

Have a great Valentines Day people. And for those of you who do celebrate, don't forget that March 14th is Steak and a BJ day for the guys. Valentines day is probably just for women, so here in BC a local radio station has created Steak and a BJ day a month later for the guys. Yep, you cook your man a steak, and give him some head. Sounds like a great plan to me.

MWAH! Kisses to all of you!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It's official, I rock.

So, I got the job! Woo Hoo for me.

I have 2 days of training this week and then I start full time on Monday.

Haven't really been doing too much... We watched the UFC fights on Saturday night with Fez and his brother Johnny. Sunday was Superbowl, so we went to a friends place to watch the game. Now, I don't have kids. I like kids, but I feel that there is a time and place for them to be visiting. Showing up to an adult superbowl party, where everyone is drinking, and swearing at the tv may not be the best place to bring your kids. But it's totally what one of our dumbass friends did. I looked at M and told him that once he had kids we would either be hiring a babysitter or I would let him go to Superbowl parties without me. I don't want to ruin everyone else's fun by dragging along my kids.

Monday was a recuperation day. I needed it. M and I had us some good "afternoon" loving, since we were both home during the day. It was almost like having an affair... being at home in bed, making love in the middle of the day. Lucky for me M understands this thought too, so he wasn't all that put off when I mentioned it to him in passing. (That it was like having an affair), to which he responded "didn't know you had had an affair love, thanks for telling me". He's too cheeky for his own good, and he damn well knows that I would never cheat on him.

So that's what happening with me. Tomorrow after my second day of training I have some work function dinner type thing to go to, and then I get to have another 4 day weekend!

Yep, it's true. I rock.


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fine. I'll tell you how it went.

Well, let's set the mood. Start with the basics.

I had 2 interviews last Thursday. Both were with recruiting firms. Now, as everyone knows, you need to make a good impression when you first meet people, so I was dressed to kill. Here - I'll even describe it for you:

Start with some sexy underware. Why? As every super-woman knows, sexy underware gives you confidence. So, start with the sexy underware.

For this occassion I chose my black thong with the pink lace ruffle at the back that has the word "flirt" on it. M loves these ones! I paired the thong with my best black bra. But it's hard to find sexy bra's when you get into my territory of boobs, so I pretend that the "sensible" bras that I have are sexy. A girl can dream, can't she?

Over top of the undergarments, I wore my black suit. Tailored pants and Jacket. Sweet! I put a striped shirt under the jacket - it's white with black and silver and grey stripes. Topped the whole outfit off with my black pointed toe stiletto calf high stiletto boots. Hair and make-up were perfect!

So I aced the first one and most likely will not hear back from the second. Not because I didn't do well, but because they focus on placing more junior positions and don't have anything available for my skill set.

I heard back from the first one on Friday. Could I meet with a client on Monday? You freaking bet I can! So I dolled myself all up again on Monday to have an interview.

Feedback came back positive, and yesterday I had a telephone interview with what would be (if I get the job) my US counterpart. (This is the person who does the same job as what I am hoping to get for the USA).

I have the final interview with the Director of something or other on Monday next, so wish me luck. I really want this job, it sounds like exactly what I have been looking for. It also pays really well, so that doesn't hurt either.

Okay, back to work. I'll try to post again this week, but if not, I will post again after the final interview.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

On the Prowl...

It's time for me to put on my super-cape, and my super-hat, cause I am on the prowl! No, not for a new man, (there are days that I would consider it), but for a new job. See, I have been working under contract for the past 2 months (since I moved back to Vancouver, really) and at the end of January my contract is up. My manager who is really great would love to keep me on, but they don't really have any more work for me, and she can't get funding. So, it's back to the drawing board for me. I was a bit upset yesterday when I found out that my contract wasn't going to be extended, but hey, there has got to be something else out there for me, right?

I posted my resume up on the typical places, Monster, Workopolis, and as of this afternoon, I have an interview tomorrow morning, and a call back to another lady who wants to interview me. Hopefully I will not be jobless for long!

Okay, I need to go. I am desperately trying to finish up the day and get some minor things off my plate before my interview tomorrow morning! Yikes! I don't get nervous, but I sometimes wonder if I am making an ass of myself infront of the interviewer. Oh well, at least I don't lie about my qualifications, and I am really straight forward with people. What you see is what you get.

Wish me luck. I need it right now.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The night my life changed forever... Part 2

Okay, where was I? Oh right, New Years Eve, 2001. So after napping most of the day away, I awoke to find Glo and Grace sitting in my living room (love the fact that my roommate at the time just let them in and left - didn't bother to wake me up first!) So I stumbled around and got ready. Turns out that the girls had decided that we were to spend the night in the adjoining hotel to the bar - that way none of us had to worry about drinking and driving. (Good idea, always plan a safe ride home!)

Anyways, we got to the hotel and checked in. The girls went down to the bar to see if Grace's new man was around and I decided to call my dad to let him know that I got home okay, and that I missed him. I ventured down to the bar around 9... And that's when my whole world changed.

Sitting at our table was Glo, Grace, Jay (Grace's new man), Carla (another friend) and some guy I had never met. I sat down and immediately asked who the hell he was. He told me his name was M, who the hell was I? (Thankfully, he caught on that I was being cheeky!) I said "I'm the most important person here!) and smiled. He laughed and my heart fluttered a wee bit. Turns out when he smiles, he has the CUTEST dimple on his cheek. We spent the night flirting and laughing, and at midnight, while all the couples around us were kissing, I nipped outside to call my friend Renee. He came with me. I got off the phone and figured what the hell, leaned in and kissed him. The rest, as they say, is history.

He waited the usual 3 days to call me, but when he did we started hanging out. First as more of friends than dating, but it soon progressed, and by March we were living together. In May we bought a condo together and in August of 2006 we got married.

Now, to finish off this story.... Jay, the guy that Grace was seeing, just happened to by M's best friend. Grace and Jay didn't work out, but they are both happy with other people now - in fact, Grace just got married in August of 2007, and Jay has been dating the lovely Nat for about 6 months now.

So that's the story of the night my life changed. The night that I met my husband.

The night my life changed forever... Part 1

Have I told you about the night that I met my husband? No? Outrage! I thought everyone knew this story.

Okay, settle in and I will tell you.

Once upon a time... no wait, that's not right. Let me take you back... back to the year 2001. In October 2001 my Nan (gramma) passed away. It was a hard time for me, and an especially hard time for my dad. Being that I was living in Vancouver at the time, I had to fly home (to Toronto) for the service, and at that point my dad asked if I would come home again at Christmas. Knowing what it would mean to him to have me home again at Christmas, I quickly agreed.

Fast forward to December 21. I'm leaving for the airport when my friend Glo calls. She asked me when I was back from Ontario. I told her that I was landing in the morning of the 31st, and seized that opportune moment to ask her to pick me up from the airport. She agreed, and also told me that she was going to figure out plans for New Years Eve, and did I want to go out with her to the club that night. I said sure, figure it out and I'll find out the plan when I get back. Christmas that year was hard, as my Nan was such a strong woman, and it hurt to not have her there to help us celebrate. She loved Christmas, and I grew up being instilled with a strong love of the season as well because of her.

When I landed back in Vancouver the morning of the 31st, I was tired, emotionally exhausted and wanting nothing more than to sleep the rest of the day (and night!) away. Upon gathering my baggage, Glo quickly reminded me that we had plans to go clubbing that night. I tried desperately to beg out of it, but to no luck. Apparently we were meeting her little sister Grace, and the new guy that Grace was seeing at the club.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Well it's Monday. And that means that another weekend has passed us by, and the work week has started again. Our weekend was interesting. Here it is for all to review:

Friday Night - ah Friday night. It used to be that I looked forward to you with such promise, knowing that I would be going out to the bar with my friends, or to a movie with a date, or something equally as fun. Not true anymore. (Well, at least not true about the bars!) Friday night found me, M, and our nephew Bai playing junior monopoly and trouble!. After Bai went to bed (he was staying with us), I read my book for a while and then crawled into bed myself. How lame am I?

Saturday: Well, I would like to tell you that I saw Saturday morning, but in reality, I slept until about 11am. Which I guess is still morning, but certainly not all that early. M and I dropped Bai off at his moms and then went to deal with the banking and get us new mobile phones. After perusing the selections we both ended up with what we wanted, which was nice, and now I have a new cell phone!

Saturday night we ventured downtown for the "Naughty but Nice Sex Show". I highly recommend everyone going to at least one of these. It's a convention for the public that is put on by the adult stores, etc. So it's like walking around one big sex store - but it takes like 3 hours to see everything. Tons of sex toys, lingerie, movies - all for sale, plus they have seminars, and shows. M and I try to go every year, if only for the people watching. It's a hoot! After the show we met up with Jay and Nat for some drinks and dinner at the pub.

Sunday - ah Sunday, the day of rest. And rest I did. I didn't end up getting out of bed until almost 1, and then I just cleaned house, did some laundry and made a great roast beef dinner. M and I had the most amazing sex (which is good anytime, but especially right now!) and then I slept.

So that's my weekend. Pretty boring, fairly lame, and now it's the work week again, but hey, who knows what could happen...


Thursday, January 10, 2008

I'm such a loser...

I finally broke down and emailed Smash today after reading all of his archives. I am such a loser. But really, I wanted him to know what a gifted writer I think he is, and to let him know that random people to read his diary, and even find amusement from it.

Here's a copy of what I sent him - what a dork I am!

"Hi Smash!,

You don't know me, and that's okay, but I wanted to let you know that I have just spent the better part of the past 2 weeks reading all of your archives (no, not straight through, I read them when I had some down time at work, silly!) and getting all caught up on who you are, (well, as much as one can get to know someone by reading their blog/diary thing.) and really, I just wanted to say that I think that you are a gifted writer, you seem like a truly nice human being and well, everyone likes to hear nice things from strangers don't they? (Especially strangers from across the pond! - I'm from Canada, Vancouver, BC to be exact)

Anyhoo, now that I am rambling and making an idiot of myself, I just thought I would let you know that I thoroughly enjoy reading your diary and hope to see more updates soon.

Hopefully you don't think that I am a stalker, am just wanting to let you know that your writing is inspiring, (even the drunk posts are fun to read!) and to keep up the good, no wait, GREAT job.


So now that I am done, and completely mortified, (and did actually hit the send button), I am going to go back to work and try to make it through the rest of the day without making more of a fool of myself. I'll let you know later if it works or not.


Monday, January 7, 2008

Fuck Me, that sucks

Well it's been a complete clusterfuck of a weekend. And yes, I do know that it's Monday night, but still, I haven't told you about my weekend. I guess it wasn't all that bad, except for the fact that my renters still haven't paid their January rent, we're completely fucked for money and my loving husband has developed a case of tendonitis, and will be off work, without pay for at least a week.

Other than that, the weekend was okay. Saturday morning we got up early and went to the open house that the local YMCA was having. As they are quite a good facility, and have a ton of classes that I would enjoy taking, we joined up. They took us on a tour, and we got to check out all of the fun things (like the cardio machines, and the pool and the sauna) and then we came home. Saturday night we didn't do anything. I mean NOTHING. We had dinner and watched some tv. It was the lamest night that we have had in a long time.

Sunday, we took Mom to the dump. Not that we left her there, mind you, but as she was feeling kinda poorly and unable to drive, we drove her out there and dumped a load of garbage that she had from cleaning out the freezer.

I had M drop me off at Jubbies on the way home and spent a couple of hours just hanging out, having girl time. After the last week, I needed it.

M came and had dinner with us, and then we tried to watch a movie. It turned out that the disc was scratched all to shit, so it was digitizing and skipping throughout the entire first 10 minutes. We decided to head for home, making plans to rent the movie and watch it all together at a later date.

Woke up this morning and got ready for work. Went in to kiss M goodbye when he rolled over and popped an eye open at me.

"Ya M?"
"My wrist hurts really bad."
"Okay, so go to the doctors M" I continued to hurry about, making myself ready for work. I turned to say goodbye again and noticed that his wrist was swollen. It was time for a decision.
"Do ya want me to take you to the doctors?"
"Ya, that's great love. thanks!"
With that, I was on doctors duty. I emailed the office letting them know that I was working from home, and settled in to spend a day infront of my laptop, intermixed with driving to the doctors office.

As we got to the doctors office I spotted our friend Shannon, also waiting to see the doctor. We had a good chat, then M went in to see the doctor and when he came out, well, he's off work for a week and we'll see how it is after that.

Okay, I'm tired, and ready for dinner. I think that I am going to go and relax for a while with my sick husband before calling it a night.


Edited to add:
I may try to seduce my husband tonight. It's been a while and I am feeling a bit randy. (Oh My!)

Friday, January 4, 2008

Ha Ha, I Win!

Good Lord I am brilliant. I engaged in a great fight with the evil doers, and I, the emerging superhero that I am, have triumphed over them!

Ya right, nothing that exciting, I just beat a parking ticket. Here's the story:

I arrived at work on Monday and parked my car. As I was walking up to the meter to pay for my parking stall, I saw the meterdude.

"I'm just going in to pay, don't ticket me!" I said, smiling at the meterdude. I paid for my spot, gathered up my receipt, and headed into the office. (The building where I work requires us to pay for parking, but we don't have to leave the receipt on the dash, we just key in our stall number.) I got into the elevator, headed up to my cubicle and thought nothing else of it. That was until I left for the day. And arrived at my car, to find a Parking Violation Notice (AKA Parking Ticket) for $70.49! Holy Fucking Shit! $70 bucks for a parking ticket? What the hell. I was MAD. I was SO mad dear readers, that if the meterdude had been standing in front of me right then I probably would have ended up being put in jail for abuse. I called M and screamed for about 5 minutes about the uselessness of meterdudes and parking tickets. He just asked me if I still had my receipt and then told me that I could appeal the ticket and because I have my receipt it really wasn't that big a deal. This was not what I wanted to hear from my loving husband, but knowing that sometimes it is better to just stew on things than fight with him, I let it go and started my drive home. The whole way home I stewed, getting madder and madder at the meterdude. I got home and promptly made some dinner for myself and M. I felt better after a snuggly hug from M and a quick back rub. He's so great. Way to good to me for my own good. I went off to bed thinking happy thoughts about fighting the ticket and winning.

/Side note: I was flossing my teeth on Monday night and managed to crack my tooth. Or at least I thought I had. Much pain ensued. More on this later
/End Side Note

So today when I got back in the office I scanned a copy of the ticket, and a copy of my receipt and emailed them off to the parking company. They quickly responded to me, apologizing for the mistake and letting me know that I don't have to pay the ticket! YAY Me! I win!.

Remember up there in the side note where I mentioned my tooth? Holy Crap Batman did it hurt. Both M and I thought that I had cracked my tooth and managed to pull a couple of pieces of it out. I took a couple of aspirin and went to bed, intent of heading to the dentist in the morning.

I got up yesterday morning with a dull throbbing ache in my mouth. I dropped M at work and went over to the dentist. They are so good about "emergencies" over there, and had me in right away. Turns out that I had just lost the filling, and my tooth wasn't cracked, nor was it rotting out of my mouth as I was worried about believing. So, after numbing me up, they replaced the filling (they had to do it twice, the first time it fell out again!) and sent me on my merry way. I called M, asked him to drive me home and then went to sleep for the rest of the day. I don't handle the numbing stuff they give you very well, and it makes me wonky, so the best remedy is to sleep it off.

So that's been my excitement. Tomorrow M and I will be going over to the open house that our local YMCA is having to find out if we want to join the facility. I am kinda leaning towards yes, as they have a great pool and gym area, as well as tons of free classes for members, and discounted classes in all sorts of fun things for members as well.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Cast of Characters

You should know who everyone is. I will tell you...

Kris - Me, your friendly neighbourhood superhero in training.
M - my husband. Until I get his permission I won't tell you his real name.
Mum - my mum. She's crazy, but I still love her.
Jim - my mum's husband/my stepdad
Dad - my dad
Roe - my stepmom
Shaun - my sister
Mom/Lynne - M's mom
Jubbie - My bestest friend in the whole freakin' world.
Sal - Jubbie's husband
Fez - one of my husband's best friends
Jay - the other of my husband's best friends
Nat - Jay's girlfriend
Tina - my SIL and mom of Bai
Bai - my awesome nephew (he's almost 5!)
Jamie - my SIL and one of my closest friends
Glolee - another of my close friends
Gracie - Glolee's little sister, and friend of mine
Aaron - Gracie's husband

I think that's it. Oh wait!

Koojoe - our 15lb male cat - he's all black
Texas - our 13lb male cat - he's black and white
Butthead - Lynne's 12lb female cat - she's all white
Amity - our chocolate lab who lives with my dad now. (It's a long story, and involves moving across the country twice.)

That's it.

2008 - Here I am!

Well Hi!

It's a new year, and with that, like many people around the world, there are new things to be started. "Resolutions" if you will. I don't like to make resolutions. I am not making resolutions. I am making a complete lifestyle change.

First things first.. a bit about me.

I am 29. I'm gonna be 30 this year and I don't know that I am all that upset about it.
I am female. As such, I do have my female moments where I am known to cry, whine and shed tears. BUT! I have the sense of humour of a 15 year old boy, and I tend to make my husband shake his head at me daily with the things that I say and do.
I am not a mother. At least, not yet.
I have recently moved back and forth across the country. And I much prefer where I am now to where I was then.
I'm an avid reader. I devour books and I love them all. It doesn't matter if it's fiction or not, I just need to have something to read.
I have a very eclectic taste in music.
I am overweight - and no, this isn't a weight loss blog.
I am happy, which surprises me cause I really didn't expect to be at this point in my life.

Okay - back to the lifestyle change:

As stated above I am overweight. I don't want to go on a diet, and I don't want to go to the gym. I do want to eat better, ensuring that what I put into my body is healthy and wholesome and not completely processed, and I do want to become more active.

My husband and I have horrific spending habits. We have decided that 2008 is the year that we kick our old spending habits to the curb and learn new ones.

And finally, I want to start keeping a regular diary-type thing. While I don't like to force myself to write everyday, I do enjoy the creative outlet of writing, so I am going to set a minimum of 3 posts a week and hopefully work up from there!

Wow, I think that's enough for the first post. At some point I will put together a cast page so that anyone who stumbles by can figure out who everyone is, and maybe put up some more information about me, but for now, I think that this is a fairly good first post.

Ta-Ta Dahlings. (ya, as if I could pull off that voice!)