Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pigger... Part 1

I have been meaning to write this post since the beginning of February, when our wonderful baby girl, whom I shall call Pigger, was born. But, the joys of being a first time mom with a premature baby have taken up more time than I thought possible and I am just now starting to get used to how sleep deprived I have been and able to string together a couple of coherent sentences to share her birth story.

Let's backtrack a bit. Pigger was due on March 3rd. She actually arrived on February 7th. Do the math and that puts me at just over 36 weeks, which in reality, isn't that early, but just early enough to freak out all of the doctors monitoring me, etc.

Okay, back to the story.

I had a regular appointment with my ob/gyn on February 4th, a Wednesday. While there, I complained that I thought she had moved breech again. (Pigger did somersaults from 30 weeks on. One week normal, one week breech. I was not looking forward to her being breech at the end and having to have a c-section) So my doctor checked my cervix. I got great news. Head down, starting to engage, and I was already 2 cm dilated. As any pregnant woman can tell you, you can be in early labour for weeks, so I didn't think anything of being 2cm already.

Thursday came and went. By this point in my pregnancy, I started making a list every morning of what I wanted to get done. More because I needed to remember all that I wanted to do than because I wanted to make a list.

So I got up uber early on Friday the 6th. When I got up, I noticed that I was wet. More than usual. (I know, TMI) I didn't think much of it, and went downstairs to make my list. After making my list, having some breakfast, and generally hanging out infront of the tv, I went upstairs to pee. (Here comes more TMI). As i peed, I noticed it was a bit "more" than usual. I wiped and noticed some "show". This is the fancy word that they use in all the pregnancy books for blood. I also had a wicked back ache that seemed to come and go. Alright, now I'm starting to freak out a bit.

In my usual fashion, I decided to call the prenatal clinic. After talking to the receptionist, and telling her what was going on, she informed me that my water had probably broken in my sleep, I didn't know it, and I was most likely in labour. HOLY SHIT. I ran upstairs, woke up my sleeping husband (It's now about 10:30am) and proceeded to jump into high gear. I had a bag to pack, people to call, and a husband to get out of bed. I finally (gently) slapped him upside the head and said "We need to go to the hospital, um NOW." He sat straight up and freaked out. He thought it was his mom. After reassuring him that she was okay, and it was me that needed to go, he swung into action. Off to the clinic we went. (Thankfully, it's at the hospital!)

We arrived at the clinic and the doctor in charge fit me into her schedule. We waited about an hour to see her, and when we finally did, she informed me that yes, I was in labour, and yes, I was going to the delivery rooms to have a baby! After lumbering my way to the delivery area, I sat and waited. We were given a room, (woo hoo for the private rooms that you labour in, deliver in, and keep the baby in until you are released) and I settled in.

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